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The Professional Journey of Cloey Jo Walsh

"Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it." - Banksy
Our lives are composed of stories, and the way we choose to remember them. At Clomotion Pictures, our mission is to help people tell their stories in an authentic, captivating, and artistic way.

Founder, Cloey Jo Walsh originally became fascinated by people and their stories while studying anthropology and film production at the University of Minnesota. Following graduation, she spent a year working for an ABC News affiliate as a photographer in her native Minnesota. Then, paving her own path, she set out to create her own business filming documentaries, wedding videos, promotional videos, and music videos. Along the way, she has also furthered her knowledge by traveling the country and working as Assistant Camera and Production Assistant on multiple Television productions, most notably Homestead Rescue and Man vs. Food.

Currently, Clomotion Pictures is headquartered in Minnesota, and we are booking various types of photography and videography projects in Minnesota and Wisconsin. However, we are still a mobile company and are always willing to travel further for the right project!

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