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"Step into the realm of cinematic artistry with Clomotion Pictures, where the extraordinary talent of Cloey shines brightly. With an innate ability to weave narratives through the lens, Cloey transforms moments into timeless stories that resonate deeply with audiences. Her keen eye for detail captures nuances often overlooked, bringing forth emotions and insights that stir the soul. In each frame crafted by Cloey, there is a masterful blend of creativity and technical finesse. Her compositions are not merely visual; they are symphonies of light and shadow, each frame meticulously composed to evoke a spectrum of feelings. From breathtaking landscapes to intimate portraits, Cloey's versatility as a filmmaker is matched only by her dedication to authenticity and innovation." - Annie Henderson - Forager Brewery Owner and Founder


Cloey has done a variety of video and photo projects for our organization and has always done stellar work. She is an excellent communicator, completes work on time, and brings a culturally competent and friendly demeanor to her interactions with community members! - Marcia Ratliff - Engage Winona Executive Director

"Clomotion Pictures has forged a long-standing partnership with Forager Brewery and Humble Forager Brewery, capturing our essence through the lens with artistry and precision. From showcasing the craftsmanship behind our brews, to highlighting the unique atmosphere of our taproom and team, Clomotion Pictures brings our stories to life with each project. The photography beautifully captures the vibrant colors of our beers and local artwork on each label. She captures the inviting ambiance of our space, creating visuals that resonate with beer enthusiasts and casual patrons alike. This collaboration not only celebrates our breweries' dedication to quality and innovation, but also enhances our brand identity through compelling imagery." - Austin Jevne - Humble Forager Founder and Head Brewer

"As a musician, it can be difficult to find a videographer as passionate about a music video project as the artist, but I have found that and more in Cloey Jo Walsh. She gives a mean piggyback ride too." - Jack Evan Johnson

"Cloey was very productive and easy to work with during our video shoot. Her creative energy made the working atmosphere comfortable, fun, and lively." - Thomas and The Shakes

Photograph taken by Holly Benke from LMCY Photography

"Cloey did such an amazing job capturing all of the special moments of my wedding day! She went above and beyond getting personal interviews from all of my friends and family! It was an extra touch I wasn't expecting! Not only was Cloey filming the entire duration of my wedding (from getting our hair done all the way until the party started) but she was also a bridesmaid in my wedding! Talk about talent!! I highly recommend Films by cloey for your special day!!" - Arielle Braun

"I think of Cloey as more of an artist than anything else. As a fellow artist I've had my share of creative collaborators. When I had an important audition video I needed help creating, Cloey Jo Walsh was the only person I wanted to create with. She listened to my ideas, and with her own unique creativity she helped create something incredibly unique and personal. Her charming and witty personality are only the beginning. The energy and focus she had in capturing the ideas she saw in her mind was something beautiful to be a part of. The shots she created and the production quality of the overall product surpassed my expectations. I can not wait to work with Cloey again." - Melanie Ellsworth

"Cloey was great to work with when she did our wedding video, which turned out fantastic! Both my wife and I as well as all our friends and family really enjoyed it. The video captured a lot of fantastic moments that my wife and I would have otherwise missed, that was one of my favorite parts. I would recommend her to anyone. She has some other pretty interesting videos as well that I have viewed." - Darin Schrup

"My husband and I got married this fall, we really wanted a video of our wedding but feared there was no one locally that did wedding videos. Then one lucky night we met Cloey, and we were so happy with her work! Cloey implemented everything we wanted into the video and did an amazing job. Viewing the video after brought tears to our eyes and made it feel like we once again were standing at the alter! I'm so happy to have our wedding video and will always cherish it! If you select Cloey as your vidieoographer you will not be disappointed! And if you are contemplating whether you want a video or not trust me, there is nothing better then being able to relive your special day through one of Cloey's videos!" - Mackenzie McKim

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